Professional Writing

Contributing Writer for The 70:20:10 Forum

The 70:20:10 Forum”Lens” series is where I reviewed various management, learning and human resource articles through the 70:20:10 framework for learning and performance; Curation with context. 

When Learning Becomes Overwhelming (David DeLong)

To Learn Something, Just Hang Around (Mike Prokopeak)

Stagnant Outlook for Learning Measurement (Cushing Anderson)

What Will Work Look Like in 2025 (Gwen Moran)

The Rise of the Intrapreneur (Claudia Chan)

How Micro-learning Can Enhance Learning Credibility (Alex Khurgin)

Here’s How Managers Can Be Replaced By Software (Devin Fidler)

Don’t Blow Up HR, Appreciate and Evolve It (David Ulrich)

What Learners Really Want (Todd Tauber)

Changing Change Management (Ewenstein, Smith and Sologar)

The Unexpected Influence of Stories Told at Work (Francesca Gino)

Performance Management: Going Beyond the Appraisal (Erik Smetana)

You Should Plan on Switching Jobs Every Three Years for the Rest of Your Life (Vivian Giang)