Keeping Your Hands Dirty

One thing that I greatly appreciate about working for the Guild is their strong desire to stay close to organizational learning and the learning industry. Many of us engage in side opportunities in design, elearning development, consulting and speaking in an effort to stay close to our roots. This is pretty progressive considering that often those who rise to management levels lose touch with the work they once did and as such can lose the faith and trust of those under them.

Staying in the game is important.

My work prior to joining the Guild was in heading up L&D at an IT Healthcare company. More specifically I engaged in changing the mindsets around the function of L&D and promoted the need for increased social collaboration and connection. I worked to shift L&D from being seen as a training department and course factory to one that provided performance consulting and workflow analysis. I miss doing this work.

When the 702010 Institute reached out to me, the conditions were ideal and the Guild was more than receptive to my keeping a strong foothold in organizational strategy.

Today, in addition to my ongoing work with the eLearning Guild, I am preparing to engage organizations looking to do what I have done. As a service partner with the 702010 Institute I will be available to provide guidance and support to organization looking to change their approach to meet the complexity of learning and working in the digital age.

I’ve created a page here on my site to provide more details about the venture and look to regularly share my experience in the journey.

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  1. Mark – I’m only about a month late in extending congratulations to you. I’m absolutely delighted to read this and look forward to hearing more as thing progress!

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