Demand for Change Takes More Than Just Want of It.

The word Demand at first glance seems pretty simple. A phrase like “I demand your attention” makes it appears to mean a strong want or desire. Demand in financial terms has a different meaning though and one I think is more accurate than a mere want. Demand in a transactional context is the ability and willingness to pay for goods or services. So, in this definition to demand something is not just in having the means but also the intention to let go of something of value (money) for something else perceived as being more valuable.

I like this definition as it relates to what I see in regards to an organization or individual’s desire to becoming more open and transparent. Many people understand and believe in the benefits of this type of change and it too is a transaction but within one’s self. Leaders in particular have the ability to change their organization’s direction due to their power and influence (“money”) however they often lack the other part of the equation, the willingness to completely let go of the comfort of the known and status quo they also value.

Demand then is not just a strong want. Just wanting it and believing in it is a good first step but real demand is a commitment having two parts, ability and willingness.

Like money, change too only has value when it’s moving. Transformation is transactional.


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