702010 Consulting

The 702010 principle contends that the greater part of learning in an organization is through social interaction and learning in and through the work we do. Far less learning is accomplished through training and other formal events.

Learning is a part of work rather than apart from it.

The 70:20:10 Institute helps organizations transition away from the costly and less effective training-centric models and guide them towards a focus on 100% performance  As the service partner in the US, I’m uniquely qualified and experienced to lead the 70:20:10 Expert Program. This focused program guides organizations in advancing their workplace learning strategy and better meet their growing needs for efficiency and effectiveness through a closer alignment of work and learning.

If you’re interested in building a modern workforce and realizing the full potential of learning through increased social and informal strategies, please contact me.

Skype: mark_britz
email: mwbritz@gmail.com
Twitter: @britz