About This Blog


“As the world and work turns more complex our greatest hope to navigate it is to turn to what makes us most human; collaboration, trust, networks.”

Two realizations have struck me in recent years. The first that learning is a part of our work, not apart from it and as such organizations, to thrive, must shift energy and attention to helping support learning in the flow of people’s work not take them out of it for event-based learning (training, courses, etc). The second realization is that real knowledge does not exist within us but between us, in our conversations. With change being more frequent, fluid networks are required today to find solutions. These are two simple principles that shifted my thinking about work; The Simple Shift.

“A simple shift is just a small move. A move that sets a new long term direction or it’s a quick adjustment to maintain it.”

Shifting to simplicity amidst growing complexity is one response but doing so is not easy, it takes hard work to put things into perspective and find our path. Similarly being open and transparent is a simple shift but today we have to carve away so many layers created by society, expectation and unwritten rules of business. This is hard work that only starts with bare conversations.

This space is where I pause to capture my observations and interpretations of what’s happening and what’s next. This reflection is not always done in isolation, it is done in communion with others. So I invite these conversation here, with you, to help in making sense of it all.

– Mark